The VLSPGM beamline covers the far UV and ultra soft X-ray energy range, overlapping with the lower energies of the SGM beamline.






The beamline flux is regularly measured, at the end of both Branches (A and B), using a Si photodiode (SXUV100) located just upstream the sample positions.

Flux measurements ensure that the Insertion Device and the optical components of the Beamline are operating within the designed and commissioning expectations. Aging of the optics, carbon contamination and interference from newly added insertion devices could negatively impact the delivered flux.


Flux was measured with the Ring operating in TopUp mode (I=220mA). Red line is for Branch A; Blue line for Branch B.



Branch A

Equipped with a toroidal mirror and a differential pumped section, this branch houses the XAS chamber.

Branch B

Recently upgraded with a KB refocusing system to achive micro-spot capabilities, this branch will house the new XAS system.